Uptown LTEE Hydraulic Factory Repair Center

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For repair follow-up, write to us here: reparation@uptownltee.com

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Uptown Ltee

With more than 70 years of experience and in business since 1952, Uptown Ltee is the specialist for tool repairs in the industrial field. After all these years this familly business was able to stand-out due to its competence in the hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and plumbing tool repairs.

Uptown Ltee continues to offer quality repairs done by professionals at competitive rates.

We participated in the construction of the new Samuel-De Champlain Bridge. If we can lift a bridge … imagine everything we can lift!

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The only place if you need repair parts for your hydraulic, pneumatic and electric tools.

You need spare parts for your equipments, air tools, electric tools, air jacks, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic pumps?

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